Different Paths

So I’m back in London after another Christmas back at home and after much deliberation I decided that my new thing for 2016 would be a blog…we’ll see how far this goes, I have a feeling that as with the numerous resolutions being made across the country to lose weight and exercise more, this may have fallen by the wayside come February (or even mid January.)…But we shall see.

So as I said…I’m back in London after the break. Although really I should probably say I’m back home NOW give that this has been home for over 7 years. I hail from Blackburn in Lancashire but London is definitely home now…atleast it is at the moment.

Anyway, I spent my final day ‘Up North’ with two of my closest friends from University..well with them and their sproglets. As with many meet ups now I seem to be the only one who isn’t accompanied…by either a child or a partner. Not that I mind, but it does feel noticeable and it set my mind on a train of thought.  I often wonder how it is that two girls, with whom I shared a house, and so much of my life with at University, can be on such different paths now.

At Uni, all 3 of us were veritable party girls. We were always out, always had a  drink in our hands…and we were ALWAYS falling for the wrong men. And yet whilst my life has continued in that vein…they seemed to have trod the more traditional path, the grown up path. Mortgages, marriages and babies. And it’s a path which doesn’t seem to be crossing with my own. In fact my own path seems to be heading so much further in another direction I feel I’d need a rocket to cross the void. And I often wonder how it seems so simple for everyone else to arrive at that path and begin the journey along it, when it feels so far from my grasp. Do I have the wrong map? Have I misread the directions?

I genuinely see scaling Everest as a more achievable feat. Atleast I could map a training plan for that and make some realistic steps towards it. With my career I studied, got work experience, made contacts. But the same steps don’t apply here. Instead, my steps towards ‘the grown up path’  has led to more dating disasters than I care to mention…although I will treat you to some of the more comedy accounts in another post. It actually doesn’t seem to matter what steps I make, they seem to be walking me in another direction.

Personally I do think Tinder needs to shoulder some of the blame and maybe if the grown up path was more of a priority I’d be taking more grown up steps to arrive at it? Maybe It’s not a priority at all? Because I seem to make everything else happen…if I want to travel to Mexico I do it, if I want a new pair of shoes I find a way to afford them. So maybe the path isn’t that far away after all? Maybe I just don’t really want to get there just yet?

After all don’t they say….Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail….


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