Message Received

So we’ve all done it! Casually written a text, sent it off into the etha and then waited nonchalantly for a reply. And in the same nonchalant manor proceeded to take pause from our daily business to cast a glance at our phone…. approximately every 17 seconds. Because obviously when I say casually I mean painstakingly. Writing, rewriting, consulting with a close friend about the exact wording of said text message, rewriting again, agonizing over whether to send the message at all and then, satisfied  you have the perfectly composed words: casual, aloof and not at all needy, pressing the send button.

I’m not sure if the makers of what’s app thought they were doing us all a favour with the two blue ticks, signifying said message had been read. Personally I think it’s a cruel form of torture…’I can see you’ve read it,  you eejit’ I often want to scream at my phone ‘why the f haven’t you replied?’

Even worse is seeing that they’re online….and still not responding. Not that I’m online too of course, checking once again to see if a response is being composed (Thank you makers of what’s app for letting me know they’re finally typing). It’s not that I have nothing better to do…because I do. And usually I am. I’m a busy person, a very busy person. And yet it doesn’t matter how busy I am, waiting for a response to a message is still agonizing. It doesn’t mater how many important or exciting things are happening in my day, I’ll still be wondering about the response. And I’ll be enjoying my day, dont get me wrong. But as a woman, I could be finding the cure for Cancer or swimming with dolphins or (and its more likely ) enjoying a drink with friends,  and a part of my brain could still be focused on waiting for a response to that FRIGGING TEXT MESSAGE. I just cant help it. It’s like having a computer with multiple tabs open.

Having consulted with a male friend of mine, I’m led to believe that this isn’t all part of an evil plan to send our brains into meltdown. More over, when a response is delayed, they are in fact contemplating their own perfect text and mulling over their response when,  something else comes up and the tab in their computer has to close down to concentrate on the task at hand. Only when this new task is complete can the tab re-open and they can deliberate some more over what to reply. (To be honest you could reply and tell me THAT…’thinking about what to reply…will text back asap…’seriously that would do).

So maybe I should stop worrying, a delay in response isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it doesn’t mean that the person is deliberately being ignorant, is staring at their phone in horror and subsequently deleting my number or is dead in a ditch.

However in the event, that my brain ignores the rational explanations that I feed it I propose that apple stop bringing out a new iPhone for me to lust over every year (and then spend 18 hours a day staring at waiting for responses) and instead work out a way for men to open up a minimum of two tabs at a time…after all even my basic PC can do that!

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