16 Reasons why Grey’s Anatomy is destroying your quest for love

  1. You start your quest for love by joining ‘uniform dating’ after convincing yourself that all doctors look like they do in Grey’s


  1. When that fails you remember that the best person to date is someone you work with….


  1. You start this new found relationship by being open about your feelings instead of being coy and playing games.


  1. Only to discover that you have to end it when they don’t agree to call you their person.


  1. And then you remember that dating work colleagues doesn’t always end well…



  1. You try once again with another dating app only to be met with looks of confusion/horror when you turn up with tear stained cheers after binge watching your box sets


  1. Which leads you to realise that dates are often too much effort and you’d rather be at home dancing in your underwear (whilst watching Grey’s of course)


  1. But then Meredith cites a deeply introspective voiceover about love and life and before you know it you’ve dialled your ex….


  1. But its ok, you’re not going back there…you’re not settling for anything less than Chemistry like Christina and Owen had.


  1. Or a love as deep as Meredith and Derek’s


  1. But then she reminds you how much you hate sleeping alone…


  1. So you start on a different tac…and you start having conversations with strangers in elevators…because now you know that that’s where all the best conversations happen.
‘It’s just, where I come from elevators tend to be this kind of aphrodisiac, you know? People get on them and they just get all horny?’


  1. Or you take the boy from the bar home and expect it to lead to marriage on a post it and an adopted baby.


14. To be honest none of it matters as you’re more invested in the character’s love lives than your own.


15. Which is fine actually as you’ve lost all faith in Happily Ever After now that Derek is gone.


16. In fact you’re not sure you even have the capacity to love anymore now that Grey’s has repeatedly ripped your heart out and drawn on all of your emotional strength.



One thought on “16 Reasons why Grey’s Anatomy is destroying your quest for love

  1. janellecoulton

    I love this. Will share it on the Grey’s Anatomy Addicts fan page and on my own Facebook page. I would also like to share it on the Grey’s Anatomy Addicts blog, if that is okay with you. Take care Carrie. Jel


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