Love, love, love….

So it’s here…Valentines Day. That one day in the calendar that can strike fear into the heart of any single person. A day that is extremely hard to avoid and a day ridden with pressure.

But…. its a day I love! The hopeless  romantic in me cant help but.

And I know I’m actually in the minority here. I know a lot of people; whether they are in a relationship or not, aren’t fans of the 14 the of February. Mainly, because as with all holidays, consumerism has replaced the real meaning with a money making industry that topped £2billion in the UK alone, last year. It’s rammed into our faces as soon as the tinsel disappears from the window displays and the shops capitalise on ensuring there is a sense of obligation to spend big.

But if we can see past the pressure to book the perfect restaurant or purchase the perfect card, what better thing is there to celebrate than love?…yes we should tell our loved ones that we love them anyway, not just because the date in the calendar commands us to. But how many of us do? How many of us get swept away in the humdrum of day to day life and so often forget? So I think it’s nice to take time out to say ‘I love you’. What better words are there?

Valentines day is being made to feel special by your new man after you’ve been so hurt in the past, proving that you deserve every happiness and that brighter days are coming your way. Or the rare date night you and your husband set aside whilst the kids are looked after by someone else. Valentines day is the newly married couple who don’t actually need the card to be written to feel the love in their home and their family. Valentines day is celebrating the person (or the people) who make your world turn.

And I got these snippets  of how today was spent from the friends who turn my world. The friends who make me feel loved. And yes I’m getting gooey and sentimental. But I don’t need to be in a relationship to feel the love that’s all around me (I know I’m teetering close to the level of sickeningly cheesy that most normal people can tolerate). But I like February 14th because I get to take a moment to appreciate ALL the people in my world who love me and all the people I love back in return.

I spent my evening with my housemates; enjoying a roast dinner, a couple of drinks and wonderful company. It was a lovely evening and I couldn’t have had a nicer end to my day. What’s more, I didn’t actually know that this was how I was going to spend my evening, it wasn’t planned, and that in itself just goes to show that we never know where the next bit of love in our lives is coming from. Maybe it’s just around the corner.

So maybe you spent today alone. Maybe you didn’t wake up next to your soul mate and spend all day gazing adoringly into their eyes (I’m sure that’s how most people will have spent today). But that shouldn’t make you sad. Because who knows what next year will bring, or the one after. And in the meantime tell your friends how important they are, or your family. Take a moment to tell the people you love, that you love them.

After all tomorrow is the 15th February…and that’s just an ordinary day 😉






3 thoughts on “Love, love, love….

  1. khousley89

    Love your post! Everything is so true! Even though I’m married my husband and I treat Valentines Day like any other day, because it has lost all meaning. Why only spend one day of the year showing the one that you love, that you love them? I make sure that my husband knows that I love him every day of the year. Forget the flowers and candy. The small things in life are what matter. 🙂


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