Once upon a time…

So its official…and by that  I mean its on Facebook. I’m moving to Hong Kong….Moving…to…Hong…Kong. Actually MOVING there….to live!!

It totally doesn’t feel real.

Moving abroad is something I’ve thought about and wanted to do for so long and yet now its happening, I still don’t quite believe it. In fact I doubt it’ll sink in properly until I’m sitting on the plane out. But it is happening.

One of the reasons it doesn’t seem real is because, despite contemplating it for years, I’ve had to wait for other things to slot into place and for the timing to be right in order for it to happen. And I’ve certainly had to be patient over the past few months as the situation with my current job worked itself out. (OK, OK I wasn’t always  all that patient in the last few weeks but a person can only take so much)

And now I have to believe that everything that’s happened over the past few months; all the unknowns, all the waiting; has all been for a reason. Because I do believe in timing.

Last night I happened to be at a friend’s house and the friend in question lives on the very street in London where I first moved nearly 8 years ago. Now London is a big city and there are a lot of streets so to find myself back there felt quite poignant. After I left his house I decided to take a trip down memory lane and so, feeling sentimental, I drove to my old flat and pulled up outside. Instantly I was back in that moment in 2008 when I pulled up outside that flat for the very first time. I could almost taste the memory of being there, on the verge of something new, at the start of my London adventure.

As I drove home, I drove past Canary Wharf, The Walkie Talkie, The Gherkin and the Shard and finally I crossed over Tower Bridge. Iconic sights. And yet familiar sights…because, this once new City is now the place I call home. (Sorry to all my Northern girls…but I truly believe you can have more  than one home…Blackburn is home too fear not).

It was a gorgeous drive and I drank in the sights. I never get tired of driving over Tower Bridge, I never stop appreciating how privileged I am to live in a city where these things are all on my doorstep. Its one of the many things I’ve loved about living here and one of things I’ll definitely miss.

And when people ask why I moved to London my answer is always the same…I always wanted to live in London but I moved when I did because the timing was right. And prior to the move my dream seemed almost unobtainable…I’d managed to rack up quite a bit of a debt and the soaring rents in London seemed an impossibility. But I was determined to live here because it felt right, it felt like I was meant to live here. Its proof that dreams are nearly almost within reach if we want them enough because I found a way, even though my rent more than tripled after I moved.

So I suppose sometimes we just have to be patient, sometimes we have to wait. But never ever ever give up on your dreams.. they wont all come true at once but sometimes waiting for the perfect time means they’ll be all the more amazing when they do.




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