Finding my focus 

Sometimes all it takes is one night. I’d been feeling a little bit out of sorts when I first arrived in South Africa. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m incredibly lucky to do all the travelling that I do but there’s a part of me has that started to hate doing it on my own. When I was on my last trip in Mexico I really had thought it might be my last trip alone, that I was going to get swept off my feet when I got home and finally be able to share my adventures with someone. And I think the problem has been that I’ve been so focused on that, on what I’m missing or what hasn’t happened that I’ve stopped focusing on what I have and how amazingly blessed I am. I almost got to the stage where I thought I’d trade my free spirit for one that was content to sit on the sofa snuggled up to the man I love, and part of me thinks I still would. 

Travelling is one of my favourite things in the world to do and so when I was presented with a month off work I knew I had to use the opportunity to see more of the world. And yet as soon as I booked it I started questioning my decision….I’m already moving to the other side of the world, why would I want to spend even more time away from the people I love? It felt like a ridiculous decision. In fact I’ve been questioning a lot of my decisions recently, wondering if I’m making the right ones. Wondering if I’m giving up too much by moving away, am I leaving people and opportunities behind when I should be staying? 

But then I had one of those nights where you meet people who reaffirm your choices, people who understand where your coming from, they understand your doubts and your fears and suddenly you feel you belong in the world again. There was one girl Imparticular whose outlook was so similar to mine and we laughed at how much we worry when we’re travelling about all the things we don’t have time for or the choices we’ve made….what if that tour would be better? Or that hostel? Should I have flown to that place instead……and so it goes on….it’s ridiculous I know. To worry about these things instead of appreciating all the things I’m getting to do…but meeting someone else who felt the Same was such a relief. And suddenly I was able to focus again. On the amazing things I’m getting to see and do.

Meeting like minded people is one of the most comforting things. When you meet people who you really connect with. And it always amazes me when I’m away and strangers become friends. It’s one of the reasons I loved living in London and it’s one of the reasons I do love travelling so much. Making new friends, meeting new people, learning about how other people live their lives definitely opens your eyes .

And atleast my worries confirmed that I made the right decision to come away again….because now I’m immensely jealous of everyone I’m meeting whose away travelling for months on end seeing even more of this beautiful continent. 

But I’d still rather be sharing my world….travelling alone is exhilarating, you meet more people than when you travel in a pair, you can do what you want. You have to rely on yourself as you negotiate different languages, travel systems and customs. It makes you stronger and I’m grateful I’ve been able to do it. I’d highly recommend it. 

But I’ve done it now. A LOT. So I’m ready for something new, an adventure shared with someone, where you have to compromise, where you don’t have to just rely on yourself. 

I’m hoping there’s a travel buddy waiting somewhere around the corner….someone whose shares my passion and wants to see as much of the world as I do….but someone who once in a while wants to snuggle up on that sofa too.

Any takers? Get your passport ready…..


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