Time to Cherish

It’s funny isn’t it! We don’t appreciate things until they’ve gone! I know it’s a cliche and a bit of an obvious opening statement but hey cliches are usually cliches for a reason!
Anyway the reason I’m making that statement is that I’m sat here tears streaming down my cheeks because my sister has just left after visiting me for two weeks! I’m not going to lie; I genuinely didn’t expect to feel so sad about her leaving! Sad yes but not this sad!
Suddenly it feels strange not to have her here and my heart aches knowing that we won’t be hanging out every day! But, whilst she was here, although it was great, there were times when she wound me up and grated on me! Where the silliest things she did would annoy me! I’m pretty sure I annoyed her too! I know that that’s the joy of siblings… Can’t live with them… But I think I genuinely appreciate my sister more than I ever have after these two weeks and I wish I could do them again with just that little bit more appreciation for her!
To be honest I think I actually need to start appreciating a lot of things at the moment! I’ve just spent 10 days travelling around Indonesia and had the privilege to visit a stunning dessert island whilst I was there! It was a dream location and a genuine paradise! I loved it so much that I just wanted to stay… And although I did appreciate every second; there was a part of me that was sad I couldn’t stay longer! I should have just been grateful that I got to go there at all! A lot of people never will!
It’s definitely a lesson I’m learning as I spend so much time away from some of closest friends and from my family! I want to appreciate every second and every new experience here even though it’s hard sometimes as my heart aches for those I miss so much at home! Once again I’m going to be missing the wedding of a very close friend in a couple of weeks and I get a lump in my throat every time I think about not being there!
FOMO is harder and harder in this current generation as we trawl through Instagram pictures and Facebook profiles depicting perfect holidays and envious lifestyles! I know I genuinely agonise about the things I miss out on and the things I don’t get to do! I’m pretty sure I spend far more time worrying about that than I do being thankful for what I have! Even when I travel, I’m always looking forward to the next adventure, racking up a list of further places I want to see and experience! There’s nothing wrong in that but In the interests of introspection and life lessons and bettering myself I’m going to try and appreciate everything I get to do this year (even when it means missing out on other things too)
I’ve spent a long time missing home over the past few months and that definitely makes you appreciate it all the more! I definitely have a whole new appreciation for all things English and familiar! I just hope I can start to appreciate them without the pain of missing them! They say it’s better to have loved and lost rather than never loved at all well I also think it’s better to have experienced and have a treasured memory rather than never experienced at all! image