New Year…Old Me

So in the interest of the New Year I decided it was about time I get back to my blog, having neglected it significantly over the past few months. I’ve actually had posts and ideas swirling around my head, but, as with a lot of things, life got in the way and those ideas never quite made it to paper (or screen as it were). But that’s the things I love about New Year; yes you’ll never completely change who you are, yes resolutions will be broken by next week, but its always good to set goals and new challenges and the New Year is a great time to reset and do that. I for one, am all about that.

So as with all new years I stopped and wondered what I’d like to achieve this year and writing was high on the list so here I am, back at the keyboard. And it feels good.

This morning I was particularly inspired to write again after winning the ‘Positivity Award’ at the workout group I’ve been attending over my past few months in Hong Kong. Its a group known as November Project and I’ve been working out with them since July. November Project is a worldwide initiative designed to keep people active during the coldest months of the year. It originated in Boston and its now in 36 cities in ten Countries throughout the world. Not only is it fun and a great way to keep fit but, phenomenally; its also free.15875337_10112575962701824_6930712374777622178_o.jpg

November Project Hong Kong was set up by three absolutely awesome people who have put their hearts and souls into creating a community in this vast City where it could be so easy to get lost. I for one was feeling somewhat lost a few months ago and its definitively one of the reasons I was struggling to write for a while. After battling for months to come off the anti-depressants I’d been on for years my depression returned with avengeance. (in fairness it never really left). Panic attacks and a constant stream of tears were just two of the side effects that I tried desperately to ignore, in fear of having to go back on the tablets I was desperate to be free of. I was silly to be so scared, but depression has a way of drowning out reason and so I fought with my inner demons for too long before conceding that I needed to be back on medication. Now, I wonder why I was so reluctant, because once again the fog has lifted and I feel like myself again.

And during those dark days, when I desperately didn’t want to get out of bed, one of my saving graces was definitely ‘November Project’. I cant underestimate how much I needed something to motivate me and dragging myself out of bed to early morning workouts soon became my favourite part of the week thanks to the awesome people whose enthusiasm at the sessions was so infectious.

It felt like it marked a real turning point to be given the positivity award this morning as right now, I really DO feel positive. Life isn’t perfect, its never going to be. But as 2016 drew to a close I felt happy and I felt back to the person I was, the positive person who sees the possibility in the future and the joy in life. I’ve no doubt I wont spend the whole of the year feeling like this but its nice to be back to this place again and this year I’m more than happy to be the old me.

15844807_10112575961514204_3575597914319376496_o.jpg                                                 positive-thinking-273x300


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