I think I can, I know I can

So this week marked the first workout in my new role as one of the leaders of November Project Hong Kong! It’s quite a momentous day for me to be honest! A lot of people know how much November project means to me: how much I love the people who started it here, how much I value it as a concept and how much I respect the commitment to free fitness and community! To be part of it at all is a genuine honour! To be running it actually blows my mind!

I am overwhelmed to be running a workout when I’m definitely not the fittest person in the group! When it was first suggested I thought I’d take a role organising social events and posting on Instagram – that seemed to suit me far better! After all I was the girl at school having asthma attacks in PE lessons or missing them altogether due to dodgy hips! I’m the girl with arthritis in my knees and joints that don’t always agree with my exercise routines! PE was the only subject I failed to get an A In at school; I once achieved an A- for the sheer reason that I had overcome my fear and managed to catch a ball; seriously, it was written in the comments and was a momentous achievement at the time! I was about 8 and up until that point I’d always ducked when someone threw one ! Let’s just say PE was definitely not my strongest subject so how could I lead people in exercise? 

I know I’ve come along way since then! Exercise is a huge part of my life and I’m even on a netball team (still full of pride every time I catch the ball – just ask my teammates)! But lead people? Run workouts? 

And yet this week I did just that! I’m still not the fittest person in the group or the fastest! But I will always try and be the most enthusiastic and I’ll always give it all I’ve got! And I’ve come to realise that that’s far more important than comparing myself with everybody else!

I have a friend who’s an awesome pole dancer- she’s a joy to watch: athletic, graceful and incredibly strong! Oh and she happens to only have one arm! I’ve pole danced for quite a while and I’ve never met anyone who thinks it’s easy! It’s definitely a sport that most people would assume requires all four limbs! 

Deb Roach isn’t most people! And I’m pretty sure (knowing her) that if anyone ever told her she couldn’t do it she’d use the hand she does have to stick her finger up at them! She’s a dam good pole dancer and she’s proved she can do it. I think we all need to be more like that! A huge reminder that you can do whatever the hell you want to do! And if you believe you can you really are half way there! 


I’m determined to do a good job with November Project! I’ve got great co-leaders and an amazing group of people dedicated to the work outs each week! I want to keep this community going for them and for the amazing people who started it! But I also want to prove that you really can do anything you want in life! If you’ve got passion and commitment you really can achieve great things and so I’m taking on this incredible new challenge with pride and self belief that I can do it (well mostly)!

So do things you never thought possible! Try the things that people say you can’t do! Go out and rock it! Who knows what you’ll achieve along the way!