Who, where, why, what…s app

Today I got added to yet another what’s app group! Entitled ‘reports’ and clearly about work, when I saw I’d been added my first thought was ‘but I don’t want to be in this group’ STOP ADDING ME TO GROUPS!!!

In reality I love what’s app! I check it approximately 3456 times a day (not in work time obviously) not only do the groups keep me connected to some of my besties but they’ve helped me meet new people and helped organise several events! 

So I checked and I’m currently in 46 what’s app groups (some of them don’t appear to be very active these days) and it got me thinking….so here are…

20 whats app groups you’ve probably found yourself in….

  1. The one that is a full time job to keep up with.
  2. The one you couldn’t live without,
  3. The one that constantly makes you late because your reading it. (also keeps you up way past whay it reasonable on a school night)
  4. The one operating on a different time zone and therefore a hive of activity when your asleep.
  5. The one that’s full of people you’ll never meet and who never contribute… who are these people?? What do they do with their phones?? Are the groups muted? Why don’t they leave?
  6. The one your not sure you want to be added to.
  7. The one you stay in because you know you’ll be judged if you leave.
  8. The one you literally never read.
  9. The one you opened accidentally when you don’t have time to respond (dam you blue tick)
  10. The one that you messaged accidentally. (sorry wrong chat)
  11. The one you don’t want to contribute to but you’d feel left out of if you weren’t a part of.
  12. The one that continually drains your battery (also the one approximating 300+ plus messages a day).
  13. The work one (that you mute).
  14. The one you’ve heard about and secretly want to be part of.
  15. The pointless one that was created but never used.
  16. The dormant one that served a purpose once but hasn’t been accessed in well over a month.
  17. The one that you thought you’d removed yourself from until a random message appears.
  18. The one where everyone else is in on the joke.
  19. The one which someone is desperately trying to keep alive.
  20. The one which seemed like a good idea at the time.

I’m sure there’s loads more and I’d love to hear about them…..

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